Lab Tests

The most field and laboratory tested product of its kind in the world!

Test results from Los Angeles to Tibet have all confirmed the same thing - Planet Matters filtration systems (with Seychelle technology inside) are simply the best for providing the purest portable drinking water!

Regardless of pathogen or contaminant being tested, our products produce the best results; which is why Seychelle publishes full disclosure of its performance.

South African Bureau of Standards Report 1
Report of testing of our 24-oz water filtration bottle

South African Bureau of Standards Report 2

Seychelle Inline Filter Tests by UK
Test results by UK Govt Environment Agency June-August 2005 National Laboratory Service UKAS Testing 0745 Group

Seychelle Pitcher Test
Test results by the County of Los Angeles, Environmental Toxicology Bureau on the Seychelle Water Filtration Pitcher